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Current Party Standings and Nominations Metrics (cá độ bóng đá trên điện thoại www.diretoriorestaurantes.com)

Won in last general election1661033441  308
By-election vacancies-9-3-3    -15
By-election wins825    15
Left the caucus-5-7-2-3  -3-20
[Re-]Joined the caucus1 21121320
Vacancies-2     -24
Retiring Incumbents321461  457
Nominated - Own Caucus12780301222244
Nominated - Different Caucus 1  11 3
Nominated - Non-incumbents21125730877333281781545
CURRENTLY NOMINATED33833833878336284801792
Contested Incumbents - Lost331    7
Candidates - Withdrawn231117220594136
Incumbents - Acclaimed1168129 2  228
Incumbents - Protected7      7
Incumbents - Won Contest4 1    5
Incumbents - Other     325
Non-Incumbents - Acclaimed1371491643323512 730
Non-Incumbents - Appointed4113376268 383
Non-Incumbents - Won Contest671041441122  348
Non-Incumbents - Other    1 7879
NON-INCUMBENT CONTESTED RATE33.8%41.8%46.9%25.0%8.6%  32.7%

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